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Gandhi Lotus Diagram


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MDP Newspaper Front Page : Gandhi

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MDP Questions : Gandhi

When Mohandas Gandhi was born in Western India in 1869, Europe ruled the world. The various colonial powers controlled huge territories in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East; chief among … Continue reading

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Modern Day Prophets Wordle

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Modern Day Prophets

Modern day prophets are people who others look up to and follow. For example, Charles Manson was considered a modern day prophet back in the 70’s. Modern day prophets are … Continue reading

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Is Nostradamus a prophet or a fortune teller?

Nostradamus was a man who claimed to predict the future. He made a lot of guesses and a lot of what he said did not happen like he ‘predicted’. Nostradamus … Continue reading

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Understanding of ‘The Prophet Song’

We are being told in the lyrics that we as people should and have to listen to the “wise man” and the warnings of what might happen in time if … Continue reading

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