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Understanding Prophecies

1. The three main things I have learnt this lesson/this week/this topic are..

The three main things that i have learnt would be:

1. All Prophets have many meanings related to everyday life

2. Prophets are messages of God, which sometimes tells the future

3. A Prophet works to change peoples’ hearts, calling them to genuine worship, not empty ritual.
2. I used to think …, but now I think….
I used to think that prophecies/prophets were just stories about what happened during the time of bible but now i think that all of the prophets and prophecies actually have a meaning and aren’t just stories but messages that are told by God through other people.

3. I can use what I have learnt today in.

I can use what i have learnt today in making decisions in life because prophets are stories in which we now call ‘metaphors’. Metaphors are stories which have a secret meaning and teaches us what consequences can occur if we make the wrong decisions.



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