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Hosea Questions

1)   What was the cause of Israel’s downfall? Describe what type of behaviour is an example of ‘iniquity’.


The cause of Israel’s downfall was the iniquity, which means being wicked or a violation of right or duty. The evilness that was in Israel with everyone in there country. Hosea is saying come back to your God, which means that everyone should stop all the evil and have happiness in the town.



Hosea demands that of his people show respect or homage. By showing respect it would show God that they follow him and deeply respect who he is and what he does for them.



The characteristics shown in verse 3b is that Israel has had enough of all the evil or iniquity that is happening in Israel and Hosea wants God to take all the evil away and bring happiness back to Israel.



I think Hosea has used this language to show a bit more diversity in the text and use more relatable terms to the reader to give them a better understanding of the prophet



If you are wise you will understand.



The main theme would be about how living in Israel is really difficult and their needs to be change for the way that people live in Israel. Also another theme would be to remove all evil or bad things so that everyone can be happy.


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