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MDP Questions : Gandhi

When Mohandas Gandhi was born in Western India in 1869, Europe ruled the world. The various colonial powers controlled huge territories in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East; chief among these powers was Britain, who’s Queen Victoria gave the age its name. The British Empire ruled all of India, from present-day Pakistan in the west to present-day Burma in the east: this Indian dominion, or Raj, as they called it, was the brightest jewel in an empire that included Canada, Australia, much of Africa, and countless smaller territories. Gandhi fought to separate India from England in hope that they would be more independent.

What kind of Values did he display in his life?

Gandhi all his life through fought for AHINSA (Non-violence), SATYA (Truth)and SWADESHI (Self-reliance) All these issues were very important to Gandhi and he fought for them all of his life.

What life events were significant in their prophetic role?


1894 – Gandhi founds the Natal Indian Congress to oppose a bill denying Indians the right to vote in South Africa. Although the bill passes, Gandhi successfully focuses a broad range of public attention on injustices against Indians even as far away as India and the UK.

1908 August – Gandhi and 2,000 fellow Indians in Johannesburg burn their registration cards in protest. Even as Gandhi and other leaders are repeatedly arrested over 6 years of protest, non-violent rallies continue to grow in size.

1914 – The Asian Population Registration Act is abolished


1942 – Gandhi launches the Quit India campaign declaring India’s independence from British rule. Gandhi is imprisoned

1946 March – India becomes an independent nation.

2. Message

What situation aroused the person’s prophetic calling?

Gandhi started his callings around 1894 in hope to gain independence for India away from the British Empire. From then until 1946 he lead the Indian people to independence even if it meant spending time in jail for protests.

How and why did they feel called to speak out?

Gandhi spoke out against the British so that India could have independence and be their own country and not apart of another. He spoke out by leading protests and speaking against the British in hope that they would gain the independence that they wanted.

What message did they proclaim?


Gandhi proclaimed that India should be their own country so that they may live in freedom and independence away from the British and do what they wanted and not what the British wanted them to do.

Why do you think this is an important message for our society?

I think that Gandhi’s message of proclaiming freedom and independence is important because it teaches us that if something is not right and people don’t like what is going on to speak out and make a difference and not suffer in silence because it is what is right for everyone.

3. Audience

Who is the MDP’s message directed to?

Gandhi’s message is directed to everyone and anyone that is willing to listen and understand what he is trying to say.

Why is this group of people targeted?


Because some people don’t believe in independence and they believe that they have to follow the rules and follow whoever is more superior to them.

4. Message Delivery

How is the MDP delivering their message?

Gandhi is now dead but his message is delivered through people or articles on the Internet telling people of what Gandhi believed and followed to lead India to independence.

Is this delivery method effective?

It can only be effective if when people read of Gandhi’s message that they take on board what he means and why he did what he did. Some people might not take on board what Gandhi is trying to say.


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